Muse Debut “Psycho” In Full, Release New Album Info

muse 2014 desktop Wallpaper

After iTunes almost ruined Muse’s announcement about their new album a few days ago, the band have officially released the first song off of their new album Drones.

The new song, “Psycho,” was teased on Instagram last week, with the group only giving fans a small taste of what to expect directly from the studio.

Today, the band debuted the song in full.

Check out the lyric video below which begins with a drill sergeant shouting at a solider and then shifts to the band performing in front of a wall with images projected upon it.

Now that the lead single has officially been released, Muse also revealed a couple of more things about Drones like the release date which will be June 8, 2015 and that pre-orders will begin today at 7:30 p.m. GMT (3:30 EST for those in the United States).

Like iTunes leaked, those who pre-order the album will get an “instant grat” track which might be “Psycho.” We’re not sure.

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