Mumford and Sons Tease New Music Coming Soon

Mumford and Sons have been quiet for what seems like years (it’s only been about a year and a half), but now, it looks like the indie band will officially be making their return to the music world after their hiatus.

Last month, it was confirmed that they would be one of the major headliners at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival in the United Kingdom while they were also confirmed to headline Bonnaroo this year, but festival gigs aren’t the only thing the band have up their sleeves.

Talks of a new album, their third was confirmed last Summer by Ben Lovett, but with the teaser the band dropped this morning, a new song might be making its debut pretty soon, like this upcoming Monday (March 2).

The band took to Twitter this morning to post a message to fans claiming that some news was coming on Monday. Attached to the message, was a link which to a short video.

The video begins with the band’s name on the screen while some instrumentals play in the background. It then shifts to the band in a room (studio?) and before the song can actually begin, the video snaps to black.

What a way to troll your fans, guys.

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