Tom DeLonge Confirms Release of Blink-182 Demos


A few weeks ago, while the internal blink-182 drama was going on, former singer Tom DeLonge posted a cryptic message on Instagram leading fans to believe that he would be releasing the new blink demos he had been working on at the beginning of March.

Then, last night, the Angels and Airwaves singer took to Twitter to confirm that he would, in fact, be releasing those demos on March 1 on Though several screenshots of the tweet have been posted on the internet, it appears that the original post had been deleted when we went to confirm the information.

The deletions of tweets is not uncommon for DeLonge. He previously deleted a tweet about blink-182 during the middle of the inner band feud.

At the current moment, the website is not live, but we’re expecting it to do so at the beginning of next month. Check out one of the many screenshots of DeLonge’s confirmation about the song, though we are a little on the skeptical side since the original post is not here for us to confirm.

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