Florence and the Machine Release New Single, Some New Album Info

Florence and the Machine Share

It’s been several years since Florence + the Machine have released a brand new record full of new songs, and today the duo have remedied that by releasing their new single, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.”

Late last night, rumors began that the “Dog Days” masterminds would be releasing new music very soon after they held a small listening party for friends and industry people to showcase their upcoming third album. iTunes didn’t help squash rumors either when they mistakenly (or maybe not) posted a banner advertising the new album which also included what was believed to be the first single from the record, a track titled “What Kind of a Man.”

As we found out this morning, the song was not the one iTunes had been “advertising.”

Check out the music video for “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” which was directed by Tabitha Denholm and Vincent Haycock.

Thanks to the listening party, fans have also been given the confirmed titles of three other tracks; “Ship to Wreck,” “Caught,” and “Delilah.” We’re still waiting to see if “What Kind of a Man” is an album title or the name of a track as well as the official release date for the record.

The yet-to-be titled record is the follow-up to 2011’s ultra-successful Ceremonials.

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