The Offspring are “Coming For You” with New Song

After promising fans late last year on a radio show that new music was on the way, The Offspring have finally kept their promise rand gave those waiting eagerly a brand new song.

The song, titled “Coming for You” sounds like the kind of some that you would no doubt hear on every single sports commercial. Whether that’s a good ro a bad thing, it’s really up to what you think of the song. (Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” is being used on every commercial and we still dig the song.)

Don’t believe us? Give the track a listen below and tell us you can’t picture the almost four-minute song being featured in a MLB or NFL commercial.

No word on if “Coming for You” will be the official first single from the Offspring’s yet-to-be-titled tenth studio album which will reportedly be released sometime this year.

We’re betting on yes.

The California band’s last album was 2012’s Days Go By and last year, they celebrated the 20th anniversary of 1994’s hit album Smash by going on a major tour with Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Vandals, Stiff Little Fingers, and Naked Raygun.

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