Passion Pit Drop Hints About New Album

Good news if you’ve been waiting around two years or so for a new Passion Pit album; new music is headed your way.

Taking to Twitter, over the last month, Passion Pit have been posting normal studio pictures when all of a sudden things took a turn for the cryptic last night when they posted a weird picture of what appeared to be Morse code. Thanks to the detective skills of some of their fans, it turned out that the message was “KINDRED I PUT MY HANDS IN THE AIR AND MY KNEES TO THE GROUND.”

The pictures, it turns out, are not the only hints that have been dropped. Over the last couple of months, frontman, Michael Angelakos has dropped several unreleased demos on Soundcloud. Are these some new songs from the upcoming new release? Only Passion Pit knows, apparently.

According to several publications, Kindred is going to be the name of the synth-band’s third studio album due to be released in April through Columbia Records. The music publication have also claimed that the first single, which might be named “Kindred” as well, we’re not sure, will be released in February.

We might not know much more than that, but the one thing we do know is that the band posted a video on YouTube that is only 13 seconds long and features what is probably the first taste at a new song.

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