Saosin Perform New Song During Recent Show


Saosin’s reunion last year at Skate and Surf has led to major steps forward with former vocalist Anthony Green rejoining the band for a few shows.

Late last year, the band announced the former singer would be joining them for four tour stops in early 2015, what fans probably didn’t expect was for a new song to debut live during the short reunion tour.

During their stop at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA this past Monday, the band debuted a new song live and thanks to someone backstage, we have not only the new song performed live, but we also have the complete show. The new song can be heard around the 12:30 mark.

Warning, it’s a little hard to hear Green’s vocals over all the instrumentals.

As if that wasn’t enough, somewhere in the video, Green tells the audience that Saosin will have some “new shit for you guys real soon.”

Cue the excitement of fans of the group with Green as vocalist.

While we aren’t sure about a lot things like the name of the new song (which marks the third new song with Green the band has performed), when this projected new shit will be released, or even if they will head out on tour once again, it’s something for die-hards to look forward to.


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