Fall Out Boy Dance Like “Uma Thurman” with New Song

After revealing that two singles would be released in January (the first of two was last week’s “Irresistible”) in support of their upcoming new album, Fall Out Boy have dropped their second new single of 2015.

The new song is titled “Uma Thurman” and plays a weird tribute to the actress including a line which seems to be a direct reference to her iconic Pulp Fiction character, Mia Wallace (“she wants to dance like Uma Thurman”).

There’s also that sampling of The Munsters‘ theme song which the guys pretty much prepared fans for last week after they posted about it online.

Hey, whatever floats their boat at this point, right?

“Uma Thurman” joins “Centuries,” “American Beauty/American Psycho,” “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” and “Irresistible” on the tracklist for American Beauty/American Psycho due out next Tuesday, Jan. 20 through Isalnd/ DCD2 Records.

Pre-orders for the album are still ongoing and comes with instant downloads of all the five of the singles.

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