My Chemical Romance Records to Be Released as Vinyls


March 2015 will mark two years since My Chemical Romance completely shocked their fan base by announcing that they would be splitting up.

Though this came as a massive shocker, it didn’t take long for each individual member to start their own individual music projects.

This Afternoon, it was announced that both their second and third album (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade, respectively) would be reissued as vinyls.

Funny enough, the rumors of a vinyl version of the records has been circulating for a while now. A few months back, a website named Shop Radio Cast had posted that they would be releasing both albums on vinyl, but many got suspicious of the posting since there was no track listing or release date in the information area.

According to the band’s former Warner Bros. associated website which is now headed by a site administrator rather than the band, the vinyls will be available at Hot Topic and Newbury Comics.

Both record will be available for purchase beginning on Feb. 10, but both retailers will have different versions of the records.

That and other information such as where to directly purchase them can be seen below.

“We’re happy to announce that “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” and “The Black Parade” are back in print on vinyl and will be available beginning February 10th!  To mark the occasion, there will be two color versions available exclusively at Hot Topic and Newbury Comics.  See below for details.

Hot Topic
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge – CLEAR w/ Red Splatter
The Black Parade – CLEAR
Newbury Comics –
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge – Opaque Red
The Black Parade – Opaque Grey”

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