Modest Mouse Release Lead Single, New Album Name


Big announcements from Modest Mouse invaded this past weekend and to think, it all began with the confirmation of a new song/ new album.

During the weekend, the indie band revealed that their new album would be titled, Strangers to Ourselves, and like it was promised, today we got the lead single from the album, “Lampshades on Fire.”

“Lampshades on Fire” is the band’s first new song since their last album, 2007’s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.

Check out the official stream of the single here.

Rumors of the new music and a release date of Spring 2015 began when the band’s management began contacting several members of the Modest Mouse fan community requesting their postal information so that “packages” could be sent to them.

The packages that were sent ended up containing test pressings of “Lampshades on Fire.” For those who had been keeping a close eye on the band’s Instagram page, the pressings would be exact duplicates of the image on the band’s social media site. The package also contained a note from the band which would give fans the news they’ve been waiting seven almost eight years for; official album titled and a release date.

So much information for a short note from the group.

Check out the image of the official pressing received by fans as well as the note from the band.

Strangers to Ourselves will be released on March 3, 2015 through Epic Records. “Lampshades of Fire” will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow, Dec. 16.


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