Fall Out Boy Give Us An “American Beauty/ American Psycho”

Just a few hours ago, Fall Out Boy released another new song from their upcoming new album, American Beauty/American Psycho. As if a new song wasn’t enough from the Chicago boys, they went ahead and revealed that they would be releasing the official music video for the title track of the album.

Now, as promised, they have unveiled the video which features some thugs getting their asses handed to them, a kid with an American flag painted on his face (alla Green Day’s American Idiot) and a ballerina that literally kicks ass.

Let’s just say, it’s nothing like “Centuries” and if you are expecting to see the guys in the video, you won’t until the end and for only one mini scene.

Check out the music video below.

American Beauty/ American Psycho will be released on Jan. 20 through Island/ DCD2. The full track list and album art for the album were also unveiled earlier in the day. That can be seen here as well.


1) Irresistible
2) American Beauty/American Psycho
3) Centuries
4) The Kids Aren’t Alright
5) Uma Thurman
6) Jet Pack Blues
7) Novocaine
8) Fourth the July
9) Favorite Record
10) Immortals
11) Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC)

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