Angels and Airwaves Unveil New Song, Animated Film Trailer


A new week brings us a new track from Angels and Airwaves; their fourth.

Today the band have released another new track from their upcoming album, The Dream Walker. This week’s track is a song titled “Tunnels” which is currently being streamed over at Billboard.

“Tunnels” joins previously released songs, lead single “Paralyzed,” “Bullets in the Wind,” and “The Wolfpack” which they were gracious enough to give us the music video for a few weeks ago. The music video also introduces fans us to, who we assume is, Poet Anderson; their title character who frontman Tom DeLonge revealed to be his own, updated version of Peter Pan.

“I had this idea for a new version of Peter Pan, just without the green tights,” DeLonge said.

“Over time I’ve become really fascinated with the idea of dreams and the idea that space, when you’re asleep and dreaming, is really infinite and has infinite possibilities. Who’s to say that when you’re dreaming you’re not experiencing something somewhere else? That really resonates with me.”

Check out the trailer for the short film below which is slated to be released next week alongside the band’s new studio album.

The Dream Walker and Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker will be released next Tuesday, Dec. 9 through DeLonge’s record label (and everything label apparently) To The Stars.

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