Ready for Unlimited Concerts for $25? Jukely Is.


What would it be like to only pay $25 a month and get to go to an unlimited amount of concerts for that price?

For people like us who find joy in going as many concerts as we can, it sounds like a dream come true especially when concerts can easily cost you anywhere from the twenties to hundreds price range depending on the act and the demand for them in your location.

A start-up named Jukely is attempting to do just that; give music fans the chance to pay $25 a month and have them go to an unlimited number of concerts. If it catches on, there might be a chance that ticketing sites like StubHub might get a run for their overpriced tickets.

“We asked how much people would pay. $100? No. $50? Still too high. Then we asked if they’d pay $25 and that seemed to spark their interest,” Jukely co-founder Bora Celik explained about the idea behind this unlimited concert subscription.

But, if you’re a little worried about trusting Celik and his vision, he has quite a resume that could help convince doubters that he’s genuine about his project. Celik was described by TechCrunch as “a mix of an engineer and a promoter.” He previously put concerts together for big named DJs, Kaskade and Tiesto while his co-founder, Andrew Cornett, who designed the app, helped build Kickstarter.

Not too shabby for a couple of guys trying to get the best price for a concert.

As of now, the venture is currently being Beta tested in New York where 17 venues, including Webster Hall have agreed to partner up with Celik and Cornett on the project.

Then, comes the next round of doubters who ask how Celik, Cornett and the project in general will make any money offering unlimited concerts for just $25 a month. Celik reportedly said that he sees it as a win-win situation for Jukely and the concert promoters.

The project gets their money while concert promoters will make money off of tickets that probably would have not been sold had they stuck to trying to push the tickets.

As good as the project sounds, Celik does tell potential customers that they should not expect big names to be on the list of artists, at least not yet. The point is to fill venues and expose people to new artists that are just starting to blow up, but we can imagine that will change once the venture starts to gain traction.

Since it’s still in its Beta testing phase, there’s a wait list for those interested in joining who happen to live in New York City. But, New York City is just the tip of the iceberg for Celik. His goal, as of right now, is to launch Jukely in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It was announced that the first artists to be getting the Jukely treatment will be You Blew!, Hop Along and Dads.

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