Blink-182’s Moving Forward with Upcoming Record with New “Partner”


It looks like the upcoming blink-182 album we’ve been waiting on for a few years now is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality, at least according to Tom DeLonge.

While during a promotional radio interview at WRRV for Angels and Airwaves’ The Dream Walker, DeLonge was asked about blink-182 and the album we’ve been getting hints about.

Apparently, the recording is going to begin after the holidays wind down. Another thing that stood out from the interview was when DeLonge revealed that they had found the right “partner” to release the new album through. Though we are not sure about what he means by “partner” we can surely assume it could either be someone who will play a key role in the recording process or a possible record label.

“We’ve been searching vigorously for the right partner of how we’re going to put that out. I literally think I got the last email last night, as far as signing this paperwork to say ‘Okay, this is our partner, so I can’t announce anything yet,” said DeLonge.

“Next is all the scheduling of when and how, where and with whom we do it. So I think the goal is right after the holidays. We’re going to be going pretty hardcore.”

We hope so.

DeLonge’s claims about recording backs up similar sentiments said by Mark Hoppus back in august. The bassist had revealed that the band were planning on going back into the studio at the beginning of 2014, but due to several things going on in their personal lives, the blink-182 recording got pushed back.

Hoppus had also said that they would definitely be heading back into the studio at the end of the year, similar to what DeLonge said in the recent interview.

If you’re interested in hearing the full interview with DeLonge in which he explains how Comic Con played inspiration for his children’s book, the story of Poet Anderson, and if he’s still a frequent skateboards (spoiler: he’s not).

Blink-182’s last album was 2012’s Neighborhoods while Angels and Airwaves new album, The Dream Walker will be released on Dec. 9.

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