Watch Angels and Airwaves’ “The Wolfpack”


Angels and Airwaves promised fans yesterday afternoon they would be releasing their new music video at midnight, and that’s a promise that they kept.

The band took to Instagram to post a picture from the set of lead single “The Wolfpack” last week and promised the video would released soon. Considering the song was released on Halloween, that was pretty quick.

In the clip we are introduced to who we can only assume to be Poet Anderson, the character that will play a key role in all of Angels and Airwaves’ new artistic ventures.

Poet )if we can call him that) seems to not be able to can’t catch a break as he ends up reliving the same night over and over again.

Check out the music video for “The Wolfpack” below.

Angels and Airwaves have finally given fans an official release date for their upcoming new album after rumors had some hoping the release date would be Halloween. As we saw, the only thing we got on Halloween was “The Wolfpack.”

The Dream Walker will be released on Dec. 9.

Like many fans pointed out, it appears the band are down to just two members, though we kind of already knew that when the band’s Facebook page only listed Tom DeLonge and Ilan Rubin as members last month. Earlier in the year, DeLonge had revealed David Kennedy and former Thrice bassist, Ed Breckenridge had been added to the group, but so far, they have been nowhere to be seen.

DeLonge answered fan speculation during an interview with Rocksound where he said:

“So there’s no real story there, and David [Kennedy, guitar] is still here. Everyone’s running around going, ‘What’s going on with David?’ It’s just when it came to writing the record, Ilan and I did that together. Eddie Breckenridge -the bass player from Thrice- is still here too. I think people are just confused.”

We won’t lie Tom, we are.

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