Senses Fail Will ‘Pull the Thorns from Your Heart’ With New Record


Senses Fail are following up the tenth year anniversary tour of Let It Enfold You with something new: a new record.

The band announced that they will be releasing their sixth studio in the Summer of 2015.

Aside from the projected release date, the band also announced it would be titled Pull the Thorns from Your Heart and would be released through Pure Noise Records.

Frontman Buddy Nielsen revealed the news through a blog post which can be read below:

“This album is a continuation of the sound we established on Renacer and builds out of those soundscapes.  Lyrically this record is about finding peace and love within yourself through the letting go of habitual patterns of emotional and physical self abuse, finding courage in vulnerability and surrendering to the idea that love is the path to liberation. We are so very lucky to be making music this far into our careers and we cannot wait to share it.”

The idea behind the new record comes a week or so after Nielsen posted a podcast in which he opened up about his sexuality, substance abuse history, sexual addiction, anxiety, self loathing and other personal demons he was battling. Considering how the record is supposed to be about self-love and peace, it seems the new music will reflect Nielsen’s own voyage of finding his own self-love.

Senses Fail released their last album, Renacer back in 2013 while still under Staple Records.

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