Fall Out Boy Aiming for January Release Date for New Album


With two new songs and a cover already under their belt in the last couple of months, Fall Out Boy fans are starting to wonder when their new album will be released.

In the past, the band have been coy about the release date, revealing it will be released in 2015, but a new interview with the Chicago-based band might have just revealed that the new record will be released sooner than we thought.

While in Australia, bassist Pete Wentz was asked several questions including the one most fans have been waiting to be answered: when’s the new album coming out?

“I have about five songs recorded and about ten total written. So I think we definitely could have an album out in January, I would hope,” Wentz told Mix Down Mag.

Wentz was also asked about the musical direction the album would be heading and if lead single, “Centuries” is an indicator of the sound of the new record.

“I think so, in the same way that “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” was an indicator of the last album, or “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” was an indicator of From Under the Cork Tree. Those are the songs that we’ll build a body of work around, but then there will be other things.”

But, if you weren’t a big fan of “Centuries,” don;t worry because Wentz also revealed that the full album won;t sound completely like that track.

“the whole album’s not going to sound like “Centuries,” but that’s a good indicator of where we’re at and what the stuff will sound like son­i­cally.”

So, now we have to wait just a couple of months for that new Fall Out Boy album, but then again, we waited a couple of years before Save Rock and Roll was even glimmer of hope.

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