NOFX’s Fat Mike Knocks Fan Out During Show


Usually when a musician tells you that they are in pain, but will continue to play a show for you, that should be your cue to not do anything stupid to them.

Apparently, a NOFX fan learned that the hard way during a show down under.

NOFX were performing at the Enmore Theater in Sydney when a fan jumped on the stage. The fan, who has been identified as Alex, jumped on stage and put his arm around Fat Mike’s neck; where all his pain was. So, normal human reflect kicked in and Fat Mike punched and then kicked him down to the floor. The fan was then taken off stage by two securities, as can be seen in the video below.

But, that’s not where the story ends. Alex took to Twitter after the incident and apologized to Fat Mike about what he did. He admitted that he was drunk and forgot Fat Mike had mentioned the pain in his neck.

Check out the exchange below.

But as always there are people who are saying the punch and kick were uncalled for. We have to wonder if they would be OK and oh so gracious with someone grabbing onto their neck while they were in pain or if they would do that same thing.

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