Marianas Trench Frontman Covers Nicki Minaj


While we can probably agree that we have no real idea what’s going on in Nicki Minaj’s music video for “Anaconda” or what the this weird cover/remix of Sir Mix-A-Lots’ “Baby Got Back, props should be given to Marianas Trench, frontman Josh Ramsay, on his take on the song.

An alternative band’s frontman singing a song made by a rapper might seem weird and we would agree, but Ramsay did it as part of a cover song challenge while appearing at New Zealand radio station, The Edge. Listen to the track and watch as Ramsay takes the song from the over-produced track on the radio that we all know and turn it into a ballad.

Almost makes you forget that the song isn’t exactly PG-13.

Watch the acoustic performance below and when the camera angle shifts to the audience members, pay attention to their faces as they laugh at the choice of song. we know we would too.

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