Atreyu to Release New Album in 2015, Sign to New Label


Atreyu’s return from their hiatus might have been sparked by rumors that they would do so to celebrate the tenth year anniversary of their second album/breakthrough record The Curse, but after confirming their return to the music world, it looks like any speculation that it would be short-lived has been proven wrong.

The California band have announced they have officially signed with Search and Destroy Records, a joint venture between Power Management and Spinefarms Records.

“We’re truly excited for this union,” said Atreyu drummer, Brandon Saller. “Signing with Spinefarm/Search and Destroy will truly allow us to create without restraint. We are looking forward to the future.”

The new album which we’re only given a projected released time frame of 2015, will be the band’s first new studio album since 2009’s Congregation of the Damned. We do know that one of the songs to be featured on the record will be recently released track, “So Other May Live” which can be heard below.

Atreyu marked their return by playing several shows including an appearance at Chain Reaction in September only to be followed by an appearance at the Aftershock Festival a few days later.

Two weeks ago, they took the stage at Slipknot’s annual Knotfest and are scheduled to appear at next year’s South by so What Festival in Texas in March. Not too shabby for a band that came out of hibernation in July.

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