Cobra Starship Down Two Members; Bringing in Pete Wentz?


Cobra Starship might have released a new song last month and begun hinting at a new album, but now news is coming that the electronic band are down not one, but two members.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page yesterday, the band revealed they have parted way with guitarist Ryland Blackinton and bassist Alex Suarez.

While the long post on the social media account does not detail why exactly the two left the band, aside from the usually cited “we’re excited to start a new chapter of our lives” statement, it does appear the departure was amicable.

Read the full post below which features the statement from Cobra and a joint statement from Blackinton and Suarez.

As the statement revealed, a new bassist has already chosen, though the clue given as the identity of said person is vague, but if you were to look at the band’s Wikipedia page, it states that Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz is a “current member.”


As we wait for the identity of the band’s newest bassist, because we can’t always trust Wiki, you can watch the official music video for Cobra’s recently released track, “Never Been in Love” featuring Swedish duo, Icona Pop.

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