Jack Antonoff Helps Taylor Swift “Out of the Woods”


While we are not exactly fans of Taylor Swift here, but we have to give her credit for finally figuring out that her days of being “country music’s sweetheart” are over and done and it’s time to embrace her pop star side.

With the release of “Shake it Off,” it became apparent that she finally did so and her “surprise” new album might be heading int hat direction.

Over the past few days, Swift has been making her rounds and revealing that she had a new single coming out titled “Out of the Woods” which was co-written by Jack Antonoff from fun. and Bleachers. The pop star released the track earlier than her anticipated midnight reveal, which of course made fans happy.

Check out the song below which has been uploaded and taken down so many times since its release that it’s becoming a game between the uploaders and the “copyright police” on YouTube. (Be aware, there’s a chance it might be down right now.)

“Out of the Woods” will join first single, “Shake it Off” on Swift’s new album 1989 which is set to hit stores on Oct. 27. 1989 will mark the pop star’s fifth studio album; her first official pop record.

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