Lorde Sings ‘South Park’ Parody Song


You know you’ve made it when South Park starts making fun of you on their show.

Last week, the show took aim at Lorde which turned out to be actually be 45-year-old geologist Randy Marsh in disguise, all so he could have access to the glorious women’s bathroom.

No matter the jokes, it looks like the real Lorde is taking it all in stride and expressed her love of the episode.

This is actually surprisingly cute — and from what I can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance (I’m still very new with this type of humor so I’m not sure if was actually genuine but it seemed so to me),” she wrote on her Instagram.

In the episode, “Lorde” takes the stage, with a mustaches and huge hair, and sings a song titled “I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya” which funny enough, the lyrics to the short song.

While being interviewed on New Zealand’s TV3, the songstress showed her appreciation for the parody, once again, by singing the chorus of the song.

Check out the short, and we mean really short (like three seconds), video below and then indulge in the original version of straight from South Park.

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