From First to Last to Head Out on Reunion Tour


It’s going to be a year since From First to Last posted a Kickstarter campaign online and now the band are officially taking their reunion on the road.

Today, it was revealed that FFTL would be going on a reunion tour, though by the dates, it looks like it might be a short one with only eight dates on the list.

Tour dates can be seen here.

A  lot has happened int the year since the Kickstarter campaign for their new album was started online. For one, their goal of $25K managed to reach over $30K and instead of recording and EP, the decided on a full-length album.

But don’t count on former vocalist Sonny Moore (or Skrillex) to make an appearance because it looks like the little bit of hope fans had did nothing to bring him out of his spaceship for just one song with the band that he led for several years.

A major line-up change also happened in the one year since the news of the band’s reunion was made public. Derek Bloom is no longer involved, Spencer Sotelo of Periphery became the vocalist of the group, Ernie Slenkovich became drummer, and Taylor Larson was added as a third guitarist.

Not too shabby.

There was also that tenth anniversary remake of “Note to Self” that was released back in May.

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