Stream Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ Debut


Yesterday, Andrew McMahon revealed that he was streaming his newest solo project’s debut record.

Today, the musician informed fans that not only is his record label, Vanguard, currently streaming the anticipated self-titled over at SoundCloud, but for the next week, they can head on over to Pandora and listen to the album in full as part of online streaming service’s Pandora Premieres.

Like previous artists like Anberlin and most recently Yellowcard, fans of the artists log into the streaming service and are able to hear the new album in full with minimal, if any, commercial interruptions.

Until now, McMahon has released several tracks from Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness since the initial announcement that he had created another solo project. Tracks such as “Canyon Moon,” “High Dive,” “Halls” and lead single, “Cecilia and the Satellite” have previously been released.

Unlike what some believe, the self-titled debut is not scheduled to be released until next Tuesday, Oct. 14.

In support of the new album, McMahon will be hitting the road for a short tour with Junior Prom and Hunter Hunted. Tour dates for that Fall tour can be seen here.

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