Rancid Treat Fans to “Face Up”


It’s only been a week since Rancid revealed that they would be releasing a new album, and already the punk band have released three tracks from it.

Yesterday, they once again felt in a giving mood and released another track from Honor Is All We Know, a song titled “Face Up.”

Like many Rancid songs, it’s hard, pulsating, and just want we need to get us through the day.

Check out the song below.

Honor Is All We Know was produced by Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz and recorded at Los Angeles’ Red Star Studios and The Boat which, cool fact of the day, is owned by Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In April, Rancid drummer Branden Steineckert revealed that the band’s new album would be released sometime in 2014. With the year quickly coming to a close, we have to wonder if it will have a 2014 release date.

We never know, they might go ahead and release it when no one was looking.

Honor Is All We Know is the band’s first album in five years; Let the Dominoes Fall was released back in 2009.


1. Back Where I Belong

2. Raise Your Fist

3. Collision Course

4. Evil’s My Friend

5. Honor is All We Know

6. A Power Inside

7. In the Streets

8. Face Up

9. Already Dead

10. Diabolical

11. Malfunction

12. Now We’re Through with You

13. Everybody’s Sufferin’

14. Grave Digger

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