Angels and Airwaves Return with “Paralyzed”


After months of cryptic messages to fans and a website re-do, Angels and Airwaves are back.

Unlike what was previously reported and then debunked by AVA frontman, Tom DeLonge, the band’s new album will officially be titled The Dream Walker. The album will be released sometime in December, though originally it was rumored it would have a Halloween release date and up to a little while ago, we were under the same impression.

The first single off of the album, “Paralyzed” can be heard below and heads in a completely different direction than the previous AVA albums, though we are not complaining.

DeLonge credits Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin with helping him take in the band in that different direction.

“I was able to come in with Ilan and say, ‘OK, how do we do something that is a left turn from what people know of Angels and Airwaves.”

We guess his goal was achieved because the song sounds a lot harder than other AVA tracks.

“I think we needed something that would turn heads and ignite a fan base of post-hardcore punk-rock kids that might still be lingering there from my early years” DeLonge said about the new album in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The Dream Walker is the band’s first new album since 2011’s LOVE II and don’t think that it all ends with a new record. According to DeLonge, other things will be coming from To The Stars including music videos, animations, comic books, a novel, a feature film, and a multimedia project name Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

Sadly, it appears as if DeLonge and Rubin are the only members in the band. According to an updated members list on their official Facebook page, DeLonge and Rubin’s names are the only ones there.

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