Head “Back to Earth” with Steve Aoki and Fall Out Boy


Fall Out Boy and Steve Aoki?

If you think that the pairing sounds weird, then you might be right, but for some reason the DJ and the band have joined forces for Aoki’s new song, “Back to Earth.”

The song which was released yesterday, is featured on Aoki’s recently released new album, Neon Future I available through Ultra Music.

While the fact that the two spectrum of the music world came together on a track might seem kind of weird, the band and the DJ had tweeted pictures (as seen above) earlier in the year from inside the recording studio confirming that FOB’s Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz were working on something with Aoki.

Check out “Back to Earth” below.

With Fall Out Boy on the list, it appears that Aoki’s new album has a wide range of guests including Luke Steele from Empire of the Sun, Will.i.am, Flux Pavilion, and Waka Flaka.

As for Fall Out Boy, the Chicago-boys recently released a new song titled “Centuries” which will be featured on their upcoming new album although all we know the lead single and that it’s slated for a Spring 2015 release date.

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