Teenager Wearing Insane Clown Posse Mask Shot in Home Invasion


Things are not getting any better if you are a fan of the Insane Clown Posse. In July, the courts upheld the FBI’s request to qualify Juggalos as gang members, while last month two Maryland men were arrested for brutally assaulting their roommate after he “disrespected” the group. There was also that issue of ICP’s annual pilgrimage to Cave-In-Rock, IL for the Gathering of the Juggalo has been forced to relocate locations, thing are not getting better for fans.

Now, a teenage-boy is dead after breaking into a former friend’s house wearing and ICP mask for some unknown reason.

According to reports, 17-year-old Reb Barbee broke into the house of Heather Tackett on Sunday around 4 a.m. wearing the mask in an attempt to make contact with his former friend, Tackett’s son, Jacob.

Barbee was allegedly holding a knife as he stood over the son and that was when Tackett approached the youth with her boyfriend’s .38 revolver. She pulled the trigger and shot the youth in his upper back.

Barbee, along with three other youths who helped with the break in, fled the scene. Barbee died in a nearby hospital. As of now, the youths are being charged with delinquency counts of murder for refusing to call for help after discovering Barbee had been shot, as well as complicity to aggravated burglary.

“I am devastated,” Tackett told the Columbus Dispatch, noting that at the time of the shooting, she had not known who was underneath the mask.

“I really liked that kid and I was really good to him, and it breaks my heart he’d enter my home like that.”

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