Fall Out Boy Perform Civil “Good Deed” in Jimmy Kimmel Skit


U2’s surprise and free album might have made some of their fans happy since they pretty much confirmed the album would be out by the end of 2014, but the fact that the album was delivered to everyone who has iTunes, made a vast majority of people upset.

Case and point? Just yesterday, the Huffington Post called the legendary Irish band the “new Nickelback.”

Need we say more?

Uproar about being forced the album reached Apple, resulting the company having to create instructions so those who did not want the album, could delete it from their iTunes Library.

During their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night where they performed their new song “Centuries” for the first time on national television, Fall Out Boy made a joke about it. The band participated in a skit which involved them helping citizens of Los Angeles delete Songs of Innocence from their iTunes Library.

Watch the Save Rock and Roll band do their civil “good deed” below.

We’re going to assume Apple realized that this publicity stunt did have the ending that they hoped for especially because they spent a reported $100 million on the record so that everyone with iTunes could get it.

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