OK Go Accuse Apple of Stealing Video Idea


While Apple was busy getting fans of the mega-corp excited for their upcoming new gadgets (you know the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iWatch) some fans of OK Go began to notice that there was something a little too familiar between the company’s launch video “Perspective” and the band’s recent video.

Turns out, OK Go noticed the same thing. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, OK Go’s manager, Andy Gershon claims he and the band had met with Apple in April to pitch the concept used in the videos as a collaborative project between the company and the group. As we all know, the project was no picked up by Apple.

The concept of the project was to use one continual camera, circling around a room while displaying different messages depending on the “perspective.” Hence Apple’s title.

When Apple decided against the joint effort, the band continued on with the project on their own, hiring production company 1stAveMachine. The idea was then turned into a reality called, “The Writing’s on the Wall” which was released back in June.

So what are the odds that the project Apple declined back in Apple would appear at one of their biggest events? Very likely.

But if using the same concept wasn’t enough, apple went on to hire the same production company  to make the “Perspective” video and used the same director, as well.

Gershon told the publication that OK Go are considering legal action against Apple, but the chances of it going through, according to a Stanford law professor, is very unlikely.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Apple has taken ideas from artists and claimed it as their own.

In 2005, the dancing silhouettes commercial looks a lot like a commercial for Lugz boots. Then in 2006, Ben Gibbard argued that a television spot looked a lot like The Postal Service’s video for “Such Great Heights.”

We should also point out the irony that the “Perspective” video was made as a “tribute to people who have always seen things differently.”

Check out the videos below and make your own conclusion.

“The Writing’s on the Wall”– OK GO

“Perspective” — Apple

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