“Days Go By” for Karen O.’s in Her New Song


After announcing her plans to release a solo album, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s frontwoman, Karen O has been revealing the tracks from the upcoming album, Crush Songs, slowly.

Today, the frontwoman unveiled a new song titled, “Days Go By.” Like the inspiration behind the album, the song is a somewhat anthem for the person who has a big crush on someone else, but is too afraid of revealing the “big secret.”

Check out the song and O.’s handwritten lyrics for the song below.



When O. revealed that she would be releasing a solo album, she had wrote a letter to her fans and explained tot hem that the inspiration fro the record came to her when she was 27 years old and had gotten out of a lengthy relationship. At that time, she did not know whether she would ever fall in love again.

Even with that outlook on life at the age of 27, the songstress in fact did find someone in the form of director Barnaby Clay.

Crush Songs will be released next Tuesday, Sept. 9, through The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas’ record label, Cult Records.

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