Chiodos Lose Two Members


Just a day after releasing the music video for their song “3 AM,” Chiodos took to the internet to reveal that they had lost two members.

Derrick Frost and Matt Goddard had decided to the leave the band, but just as fast as those two left, the band were able to fill the vacancy. Thomas Prigden from The Mars Volta will join the group on drums while Joe Troy from the RX Bandits will join the band on bass.

Read a statement about the sudden departure.

Derrick Frost and Matt Goddard have both chosen to discontinue touring and recording but instead spend more time with their loved ones and pursue other interests at home.   It’s been a long and great journey with both of these gentleman, Matt dating back to the very beginning, and Derrick a part of three albums with us.  We wish them the best in all that they choose to do moving forward. They’ve been long time brothers to us and always will be. Our good friends Thomas Pridgen and Joe Troy are coming to rock with us.  We have been rehearsing like crazy in Michigan so get ready for a great show. We’re very excited to have them join us on this journey as we’ve always been fans of their musicianship. We can’t wait for you all to experience this with us as we continue to tour and write new material. See you at a city near you soon!”

In a funny turn of events, this isn’t the first time Frost had left the band. He did it once before and then came back.This departure marks the third member of the band to decide to leave the group to pursue something else. Guitarist Jason Hale announced his departure from the band and was quickly replaced by Fall of Troy’s Thomas Erak. Hale’s departure happened around the same time the group welcomed original vocalist, Craig Owens back. Owens ended up replacing the guy (Brandon Bolmer) who had been hired to replace him when he was kicked out of the band.

So many replacements.

Anyway, check out the music video for the group’s latest track, “3 A.M.”

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