The Morrissey Label Drama Continues On


With every passing day, it seems like Morrissey keeps getting himself deeper and deeper into this battle against his former or maybe not former record label Harvest/Capitol Records.

The musician, for the past three weeks, has been at war with the label, but until now, the label have not formally responded to any of it. The only response which might or might not be on behalf of Harvest, was an inside source, familiar with the situation, saying that Morrissey is still under contract with the label for one more record.

For those who have not been keeping a close eye on the battle, Morrissey had claimed that the record label had dropped him following his critique of the label’s promotions for his recently released record, World Peace is None of Your Business. After that source claimed that he had not been dropped, Moz had revealed that he and his lawyer had email proof that the record label’s head and his assistant had sent them emails confirming that he was no longer a part of their roster.

In a new post titled “Please Close the Door Behind Me” on his blog site, True to You, the singer wrote about how Harvest/Capitol was like a beacon at the beginning and how he had high hopes for his relationship with them.Then, thing took a turn for the worse when Morrissey had suggested them create music videos for promotional reasons. The label, allegedly, scoffed at his suggestion and opted for clips of the singer reading songs’ lyrics instead.

But, the head-butting between him and record head Steve Barnett. Morrissey claims that the only reason the label released World Peace is None of Your Business was just to “get Morrissey out of the Inbox.”

One thing Morrissey did warn fans about on the post was to watch out because World Peace would “instantly disappear from iTunes and record stores and every download-upload-offload outlet on the planet, because Harvest technically have no right to sell it.” If you were to go onto iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Rdio right now, you would notice World Peace is no longer on the services because like he said, Harvest has no rights to it.

We’re guessing this is not the end of it.

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