Former My Chemical Romance Guitarist Launches Own Solo Music


Another day and another former My Chemical Romance member has announced a new solo projects.

As of now, all the former members with the exception of guitarist Ray Toro have revealed plans to continue with music on their own, though we are still waiting on bassist Mikey Way’s side project Electric Century to reveal an official release date for their debut record.

For the past few days, Toro had been teasing things on Instagram including a photograph of some HTML codes, confirming that at least a website for him was underway.

Today, Toro launched his website which featured an announcement that he will be entering the studio with producer Doug McKean, who just so happened to be the producer of former bandmate, Gerard Way’s upcoming solo album, Hesitant Alien (way to keep it in the “family,” guys).

Aside from the announcement, the guitarist also shared two demo clips as well as a song titled, “Isn’t That Something?”

His announcement and demos can be found over at his website, as well as his new social media platforms.

Check out the demos below.

Your move, Mikey.

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