Morrissey NOT Dropped from Record Label, Says Record Label


After taking to his blog this past weekend, to reveal that he has been dropped by his record label, Morrissey’s label Harvest/Capitol has revealed that the former Smith’s frontman was in fact not dropped from their roster.

Over the weekend, Morrissey took to the internet to blast the record label for not helping promoted his new record World Peace is None of Your Business. What sparked Moz’s fire was when three fans of his created music videos for three of his new tracks.

In his blog post on True to You, he blasts the label for not even trying to help with music video promotion.

Today, a source close to the record label has revealed that Morrissey had in fact not been dropped like he claimed online. Instead, the “source close to the situation” revealed that he still has one record left in his contract with Harvest.

In the original story written by Billboard, the music mag claims, “A source close to the situation tells Billboard that Moz has not been dropped by Harvest/Capitol, and that his contract with the company calls for two release, the first of which was World Peace.”

World Peace is None of Your Business was released last month and manage to reach the #2 spot on the charts in the United Kingdom and the #14 spot on the charts in the United States. Quite a feat for not having the so-called “cooperation” of your record label.

Guess well just sit back and wait for the Moz to take to his blog to vent about this which is probably happening as we type this.

Morrissey is slated to begin the European leg of his World Peace tour this coming October, let’s see if he’s able to make it through this tour unlike his North American leg.

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