Morrissey Dropped By Record Label


And the hits keep coming for Morrissey.

Two weeks after a former security guard accused the singer of firing him after not carrying out a so-called “hit” on a fansite editor, the former Smiths frontman has now been reportedly dropped by his record label, Harvest/Capitol Records.

In a post on his blog, True to You, the singer wrote about how his label had not done anything to help promote his recently released record, World Peace is None of Your Business. The post went up on Thursday and by today, the iconic singer once again finds himself without a record label.

In the post, Morrissey praise three fans who went out of their way to create music videos for tracks off of the album. “These videos fully understand the intent of the song, and I am relieved that these films exist,” he writes.

Instead of leaving it as is, Moz went on to explain how the record label should have done it to help promote the new record which reached the #2 spot on the charts in the United Kingdom and the #14 spot on the charts in the United States. “A similar document ought to have been harvested by the record label, but please understand that the pop or rock industry can be as dedicated to perpetuating public deception as the world of politics itself.”

One light note does come out of his semi-lengthy post, he reminds fans of The Smiths that it has been 30 years since the band managed to get to the #2 spot on the charts with zero air play or promotions and how “the struggle for the airwaves remains difficult.”

We’re pretty sure this is not the end of this for Morrissey especially since he will be heading out on the European leg of his tour in October. Now, we should start taking bets how many times this tour will be “rescheduled.”

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