CBGB Music and Film Festival to Return to New York City


CBGB might be long gone, but the iconic New York club’s memory lives on in the form of an “arts” festival which will be returning to the “city that never sleeps” later this year.

The five-day festival which features a combination of music, art, films and more will be taking place across New York City from October 8 through the 12.

The third annual installation of the festival will include live performances, new music, industry talks, and special events which will be taking place in a variety of settings such as theaters, clubs, galleries and even rooftops from Williamsburg to Time Square.

The headquarters for the five-day event will be housed in a 35,000 square-foot warehouse which will be dubbed, Center 548. This will also play host to the CBGB Icon Awards, music-themed art exhibitions, concerts, comedy shows and others.

Last year, the event premiered over 50 films which included the future Academy Award-winning film, 20 Feet From Stardom.

As of now, further information about who will performing during the five days is still minimal, but tickets and other information can be found at CBGB.com. Tickets range from $10 to $50.

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