Slipknot Unleash “The Negative One”


Slipknot revealed their first new song in six years last week with a promise that the official music video for the track will be released this week.
Keeping to their word, the metal band have finally unveiled the music video for “The Negative One.”

The video dances on the edge of a Gothic nightmare come to life with a dead goat surrounded by flowers, girls dressed in Gothic attire spewing blood and candles everywhere like they were sacrificing the poor animal, which they probably were. Oh yeah, did we also mention it all takes place in this building that looks like decimated morgue or asylum.

If you were expecting to see Slipknot in the video, then you might want to skip it all together because the band don’t make any appearances at all in the five-minute long clip.

Check out the video for the new track below.

“The Negative One” is the first single off of the Iowa-based band’s upcoming new album. A few months back frontman Corey Taylor revealed the metal group’s fifth studio album was 98 percent done, which by the release of this song means the album is finally complete, though no album title has been given yet.

The new material comes almost six months after the founding member/drummer, Joey Jordison left the band. At the time, the band had claimed that Jordison had “departed” the band, but it turns out, things were not that cut-and-dry. Jordison took to the internet to denounce that he choose to “leave” the band. This lead to some assuming the original member had been kicked out of the band.

This album will also mark the first record that the band has record since the death of bassist Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010.

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