New Found Glory Are Ready For a ‘Resurrection’


UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take very long. Check out the official music video for New Found Glory’s new track Selfless from their upcoming new album, Resurrection.

Yesterday afternoon a song made its way onto the internet and was being passed around with the claims that it was a new song from New Found Glory titled, “Selfless.”

The band have yet to reply to the new song, as it’s been almost five days since they have updated anything on their Twitter account, but like Yellowcard, iTunes has beaten them to the punch. The record will be titled Resurrection.

Resurrection is currently up for pre-orders on the U.K.’s iTunes with a release date of October 6, while the release date will be October 7 here in the United States.

The full track list can also be seen below.


1) Selfless
2) Resurrection
3) The Worst Person
4) Ready and Willing
5) One More Round
6) Vicious Love
7) Persistent
8) Stories of a Different Kind
9) Degenerate
10) Angel
11) Stubborn
12) Living Hell
13) On My Own

Back in May, the band revealed that their new album would be released through Hopeless Records and not Epitaph Records. It was later confirmed they had left the latter for Hopeless. No word yet on whether the band will be heading out on tour yet in support of the album. Considering that their last tour was being part of the Vans Warped Tour in 2012 and their stint on the Parahoy! cruise, we can only assume that a tour will be coming our way soon from the Florida band.

This will be the first album that the band will release since all the bad publicity surrounding former guitarist Steve Klein being charged with multiple counts of lewd contact with a minor. Someone on a message board asked what are the chances that Klein’s legal troubles will come through in a song? Another person pointed out there’s a song titled, “The Worst Person,” so we’re going to say it’s very likely.

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