Slipknot Stream First New Song in Six Years


After a couple of months of teasers and cryptic nudges, Slipknot have finally revealed, officially, that their new album is coming out soon.

And how exactly does one of the bigger metal bands of our generation announce the new record? By releasing the first single from it.

The new song is titled, “The Negative One” and it’s the first new song from the Iowa-based band in six years. The official music video for the song is slated to be released in next Tuesday, August 5th, but for now, we have been given the song which is streaming exclusively on their website,

A few months back, frontman Corey Taylor had discreetly unveiled that the band was “98 percent” done with the new record that it would be coming out relatively soon. Other than that, no more information had been given as to when it would be released or what they might name their fifth studio album.

The new material comes almost six months after the founding member/drummer, Joey Jordison left the band. At the time, the band had claimed that Jordison had “departed” the band, but it turns out, things were not that clean cut. Jordison took to the internet to unveil that he did not choose to “leave” the band, leaving most to assume that the original member had been kicked out of the band.

This also marks the first record that the band has record since the death of bassist Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010.

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