Lana Del Rey Dons White in ‘Ultraviolence’


We haven’t heard much from Lana Del Rey since the whole “death quote” debacle, but it’s nice to know that the quote chronicles has been put to rest.

Today, the songstress is back in the news, but it has nothing to do with her quotes, interviews, or other extracurricular activities, but rather for her music.

The “West Coast” singer released the music video for her second single from her album, Ultraviolence. The music video for the song, which so happens to be the title track of her recently released record, is shot in a style that makes you think of home videos from the 1960s; very fitting considering Del Rey’s style.

It features Del Rey in a short, white wedding dress, preparing for what we can assume is her “wedding.” We say assume because in the video we see her putting on a veil and picking up a bouquet of flowers as she makes her way down a wooded path.

There’s also some footage of her kissing a guy’s hand and peeling/eating a tangerine in the wooded area as she makes her way to the church which leads to a little bit of a surprise when she finally enters.

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