Mixtapes Frontman to Sit Out Warped Tour Stops


If anyone was hoping on seeing the full line up of Mixtapes during the next few days on the Vans Warped Tour, the band have revealed that one very important member will be missing some dates. 

Frontman Ryan Rockwell revealed earlier today that he would be sitting out a few Warped Tour dates due to being involved in not one, but two serious car accidents in the last few days. 

In his statement, Rockwell revealed that the first accident happened when the car he was in was cut off which resulted in a “serious wreck.” The second car accident he was involved in was a solo accident which was a result from a concussion that he did not take serious from the day before.
The band have confirmed they will continue to play their Warped Tour sets with the help of some of their friend taking Rockwell’s spot. 

Read his statement below. 

Hey everyone ryan here. Two days ago at a warped tour stop I was in a car and got cut off and got into a pretty serious car wreck. Aside from some bad injuries I also got a concussion which I didn’t know yet.

Fast forward to a day later and I was driving and didn’t realize the concussion and basically blacked out and hit a curb/tree so basically I’m an idiot. My doctor and many people at warped tour said not to play because I’m in pretty bad shape right now so as of now maura, Paul and Boone are playing without me and getting some friends to fill in, I hope to rest for a few days and come

Back and finish. I go to my doctor tomorrow at home and will let everyone know, everyone please come to warped, sing along, and thanks for all the awesome support, I will see you soon

Mixtapes revealed two weeks ago that they will be going on hiatus this November after Fest. 

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