Stream Anberlin’s ‘Lowborn’


Anberlin’s final album Lowborn isn’t scheduled to be released until next week, but Pandora is giving fans of the central Florida-based band the chance to listen to it before its official release date.

Earlier this year, the band revealed that they would be disbanding at the end of the year. Before that is to happen, they promised their fans that there would be a brand new record and a final tour to close out their legacy.

Lowborn was supposed to be released last month before the Christian rock band was slated to begin their run on this year’s Van Warped Tour, but for some unknown reason (or maybe it is known), the album’s release date was pushed back a month, making it due out on July 22.

Listen to the full album here.

As for the final tour, dates have been trickling in over the past few months, though at present time it looks like most of them have been revealed. As of last week, the band announced that there were still dates that have not been announced yet due to obligations, but there final FINAL show will take place at Orlando’s House of Blues which will probably be sold out.

What a way to come full circle.

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