Watch the New ‘All is By My Side’ Trailer


After much waiting, the new trailer for the Jimi Hendrix bio-pic, All is By My Side, has been released. The new trailer features Hendrix, played by Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) making his debut as an unknown guitarist in the London music scene, how he wanted his music portrayed, and his relationship with Imogen Poots’ Linda Keith, who was Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards’ longtime girlfriend and the muse behind several of both Hendrix and Richards’ songs.

The film has already premiered at several film festivals including the Toronto Film Festival and South By Southwest, but the release date for the film has been recently pushed back until September 26.

The film was helmed by Academy Award-winning writer-director John Ridley of 12 Years a Slave fame, and chronicles Hendrix’s life between the years of 1966 and 1967. It shows how he rose from being a backup guitarist at NY’s Cheetah Club to his upcoming fame in the London music scene, and climaxing with his iconic set at the Monterey Pop Festival

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