Watch Drummer Play blink-182’s Full Discography in Five Minutes


For a band being around for 20 years, you would think there would be no way that someone could condense the band’s full career and discography into a simple five-minute video.

That is where you would be wrong. Last month, a video featuring Kye Smith became an instant viral hit when he played a full catalog cover of all of Green Day’s songs.

Now, Smith has decided to do the same with blink-182. In his new medley, Smith tackles (practically) every track from blink, beginning from 1995’s Cheshire Cat to their most recent release, 2011’s Neighborhoods.

Travis Barker might be a little impressed by this dude (we hope). Check out the video below.

Like we had said before, Smith is no stranger to these kinds of crazy, but super cool antics. Previously, he had done a similar thing, performing NOFX’s full catalog and even did 20-minute version where he covered every Epitaph Records release.

Talk about badass.


  1. My drummer son introduced me to Blink and Travis is an amazing rock drummer. This is really crazy. Thanks

    • Travis Barker is insane. Last time I saw blink-182, he had one of those platforms which lifted into the air and looked like it was defying gravity. From where I was (which was lawn) I was having panic attacks thinking he might fall.

      It was amazing. If you ever get the chance, do go and see him or blink-182.

      • I have seen Blink twice. Once earlier during Enema … And then when they got back together for Neighbor.. Both great Tom and Mark were great too. Angels and airwaves live were great too and I got to see the Boxcar Racer tour also. Sadly of course no Travis with either. Great drummer.

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