Coheed and Cambria Help Fan Save Her Home


Coheed and Cambria have shown just how dedicated they are to their fans, especially those that are in serious need.

Over the weekend, TMZ had reported that the band had gone out of their way to help one of their biggest fans out of a sticky situation she was in. We know, we were in shock too when the gossip news site wrote about something good than some untalented celebutants.

Hardcore Coheed fan, Cyndi Crouch who is also the co-proprietor of the Coheed and Cambria site, Colbat and Calcium, had set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise $3,500 to help her pay her mortgage and save her family’s home.

When the band had heard about her predicament, they stepped in and donated $3,000 of their own money to her campaign to help save her home.

Guitarist Travis Stever had told TMZ the band wanted to help Crouch out because “she’s a really awesome fan who is extra proactive and supports everything that we do.”

Now, those are the kind of music news related stories we like to hear about. We can only assume Crouch will forever be a Coheed super fan.

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