Bon Iver Drops New Song for Zach Braff Film


Bon Iver has been gone from the music scene for the past three years, though ringleader Justin Vernon has not completely vanished.

Today, fans of the group were treated to a new song from them, though, don’t get to excited because this is not them hinting at an upcoming new release.

The new track is titled, “Heavenly Father” and is set to appear in Zach Braff’s new movie, Wish I Was Here, the sequel to his hit film, Garden State.

For those not familiar with the film, Braff actually funded the film, completely, through Kickstarter. If this alternative to big movie studio companies sounds oddly familiar, it’s because it’s in the same vein of what the people behind Veronica Mars did in order to help fund the filming of the movie, which came out this past March.

The new song is currently being streamed over on NPR’s music site which can be accessed here.

Acts being included on the Wish I Was Here Soundtrack include Coldplay, The Shins, Cat Powers and several more. Bon Iver has a total of two songs ont the album; “Holocene” is also on the record.

The soundtrack is due out on July 15 as a CD and on August 5 as a vinyl. The film is due to hit theaters on July 18. Check out the full soundtrack artists and their songs below.

Wish I Was Here Soundtrack Tracklist:

01. The Shins – “So Now What”

02. Gary Jules – “Broke Window”

03. Radical Face – “The Mute”

04. Hozier – “Cherry Wine (Live)”

05. Bon Iver – “Holocene”

06. Badly Drawn Boy – “The Shining”

07. Jump Little Children – “Mexico”

08. Cat Power & Coldplay – “Wish I Was Here”

09. Allie Moss – “Wait It Out”

10. Paul Simon – “The Obvious Child”

11 .Japanese Wallpaper – “Breathe In [ft. Wafia]“

12. Bon Iver – “Heavenly Father”

13. Aaron Embry – “Raven’s Song”

14. The Weepies – “Mend”

15. The Head & the Heart – “No One to Let You Down”

If you are a fan of Vernon’s act, what do you think about the new song?

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