Frank Iero Announces New Project


If any My Chemical Romance fans were hoping that the tenth anniversary of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge would bring the band back together, it looks like most of our hopes and dreams were squashed when the anniversary came and went and not even a single peep was heard about it.

At this point, we have already seen how most members of the now-defuct band have moved on. Frontman Gerard Way announced he would be doing some solo stuff, even releasing his first track, “Action Cat” last week. Former bassist Mikey Way’s new project Electric Century is one of Alternative Press’ up-and-coming acts of 2014 while former guitarist Ray Toro is just floating around. Other former guitarist, Frank Iero has been keeping himself busy since the break-up announcement and now, he’s revealed another new project titled, frnkiero and the cellabration.

The new project will be releasing their debut album, stomachaches on August 26 through Staple Records. Aside from the band name and the debut album’s titled, we have also gotten the full track list for the upcoming record, which can be seen below.

stomachaches TRACKLIST:

1. all i want is nothing
2. weighted
3. blood infections
4. she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook
5. stitches
6. joyriding
7. stage 4 fear of trying
8. tragician
9. neverenders
10. smoke rings
11. guilttripping
12. where do we belong?
13. anywhere but here

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