Damon Albarn Performs “Song 2” Solo


Ever since he went solo, former Blur singer, Damon Albarn has made Blur songs in his set a normal occurrence. To date, he has performed “All Your Life” during his set at south By Southwest, performed “Parklife” at a London pub in honor of the album’s 20th anniversary, and most recently performed “This is a Low” when he was the musical guest on an episode of Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.
But until now, many Blur fans have been waiting for him to pull out that one song that almost everyone knows (you know the one that goes Woo-Hoo!) and finally, he treated an audience to the track.
While performing at the Royale Boston last night, Albarn performed “Song 2,” by himself, for the first time ever. He even joked around about it before launching into the famous song by saying, “If it doesn’t go well, I promise you, I’ll never do it again.”

Let’s say, he did not disappoint.

Check out the fan-shot video below. 

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